LASIK Recovery: 5 Things You Should Know

LASIK Recovery: 5 Things You Should Know

April 6th, 2018

lasik recovery

If you’ve decided to have LASIK surgery, you might be feeling very excited and a little bit nervous. This is completely normal! You can rest assured that LASIK is a very safe procedure that has improved the vision of millions of people.

Most of our patients are curious about what they should expect after LASIK. What is recovery like? How long does it last? So we decided to write this blog post and answer some of those questions for you.

Here are five things you should know about your LASIK recovery:

You should have someone drive you home.

You won’t be able to drive immediately after the surgery. If possible, it’s best to plan in advance and ask a friend or family member to take you home. LASIK surgery doesn’t take long but you should plan to spend the rest of the day at home resting.

Expect some mild discomfort.

Many patients do experience mild discomfort immediately following the surgery. It’s not uncommon to have itchy, red eyes and sensitivity to light. You may also feel like there is something in your eyes but don’t rub at them — doing so could dislodge your corneal flap.

You should avoid common eye irritants.

For at least the first week during LASIK recovery, you should avoid any common eye irritants like dust or smoke. You should also avoid eye makeup, soap, or submerging your head underwater.

Visual fluctuations are normal.

Visual fluctuations are not uncommon immediately following surgery. Your corneas have been reshaped and your vision needs time to stabilize.

You’ll need to follow up with your doctor.

If you experience serious pain or disconcerting side effects, contact your doctor immediately. If you have no side effects, you’ll still want to follow up with your doctor within the first week of surgery. Your doctor will check to make sure your eyes are healing without problems. More often than not, you’ll get a green light to resume your normal activities.

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