How to Select a Huntsville LASIK Surgeon

How to Select a Huntsville LASIK Surgeon

When considering LASIK eye surgery, selecting the right LASIK surgeon is very important. Below are some important factors when deciding on a LASIK surgeon

How experienced is the LASIK surgeon?

How long has the doctor you are considering been performing LASIK laser vision correction? When considering experience, it is more than medical school, You LASIK surgeon should have special training in the treatment of corneal diseases and disorders. Not only that, there are certifications with the advanced technology equipment. It is important to make sure your surgeon has had all this additional training and experience.

selectDr. Danny Lee is a fellowship trained corneal surgeon. He had 2 additional years of school on this subspecialty of ophthalmology. Dr. Lee has a vast knowledge of all aspects of refractive surgery, including LASIK laser vision correction and continues to further his education studying the latest advancements in eye care and vision correction. Dr. Lee has undergone special training to obtain certification from AMO (Abbott Medical Optics) for use of the iLASIK suite, a trusted platform for blade free LASIK.

Ask your friends and family

Do you know anyone that has had LASIK surgery? How was their experience? Word of mouth and personal experiences are often very helpful in making the decision on what surgeon or practice to choose. Dr. Lee recommends you ask around and do your research on your LASIK surgeon on the internet.

Meet the doctor at your LASIK consultation

You might be surprised, but at many LASIK practices may not get to meet the surgeon at your initial consultation. Although practices have very competent technicians and staff performing many tests at your LASIK consultation, be sure you get a chance to meet your surgeon. Make sure you feel comfortable with him or her before your procedure day.

Ask questions!

These are your eyes, and you are entitled to ask as many questions at your consultation as you wish! There is no bad question…your understanding of the procedure, about the surgeon and facility, along with expectations should be made very clear before you schedule your procedure,