Our Advanced LASIK Technology

Our Advanced LASIK Technology

Not all LASIK is the same and not all LASIK centers or ophthalmology practices offer the same technology. At Dr. Danny Lee’s office – Laser Eye Center in Huntsville and Decatur, we are pleased to offer our patients the latest advancements in vision correction technology

iDesign – Advanced WaveScan Studio System

During your LASIK consultation our team will be performing many tests. One is using the new and advanced iDesign system. Developed by AMO (Abbot Medical Optics), the iDesign system acts as the “brain” of the LASIK procedure, generating a high-definition scan that measures and maps irregularities of the eye that may impact vision

LASIKFacts About the iDesign System

  • The system generates a scan of the eye 25 times more precise than traditional methods used to measure and correct vision
  • The iDESIGN System captures more than 1,200 data points of the eye. A patient’s personalized treatment plan is based on this large amount of high-quality information
  • The iDESIGN System provides ophthalmologist with detailed information such as:
    • the shape of the cornea
    • its curvature
    • how light passes through the eye
    • pupil diameter under different lighting conditions
  • The technology allows Dr. Danny Lee to better screen people who may not have been previous candidates for LASIK, making more people eligible for the procedure compared to existing
  • Abbott technology
  • In a clinical study on 334 eyes treated with the iDESIGN System, patients reported improvements in the quality of their vision in all areas of measurement, including vision activities associated with daily living and an active lifestyle.
  • The iDESIGN System was developed by Abbott, based on technology originally developed for high-powered telescopes to view distant objects in space


iLASIK is the most advanced LASIK technology, pioneered and perfected by AMO/VISX and Intralase technology. Despite the fact that traditional LASIK has helped millions of people see without the dependence on glasses or contact lenses, LASIK was not the ideal procedure. Although most people that had traditional LASIK had no problems, ophthalmologists and engineers were eager to enhance this vision correction procedure. With over a decade of research and clinical results, LASIK surgeons and industry experts sought a more advanced solution. By combining the iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio system with VISX Star4 active tracking capability and a blade-free femtosecond laser, also known as the Intralase method, providing all laser LASIK, we can now achieve a safer more precise result. The technology used in the iLASIK procedure has been thoroughly tested and scrutinized by doctors who overwhelmingly claim the advantages with safety and precision.

The Advanced Technology of the iLASIK platform:

  • VISX Star4 excimer laser with IRIS registration
iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio system
  • Intralase blade free femtosecond laser