Lasik Risks and Benefits

Lasik Risks and Benefits

September 9th, 2016

There’s no doubt that technology and human health go hand in hand. The development of LASIK surgery is a shining example of this. Laser vision correction has never been safer, and Dr. Danny Lee is dedicated to providing the best care and results to those looking to improve their vision. The benefits of LASIK are obvious (who wouldn’t want to be able to see well?), but many question what sort of risks are involved.

Identifying the Risks

Though complications rarely happen in patients who have undergone LASIK, it is always important to make informed decisions before undergoing surgery. Here is a list of some symptoms you may experience after LASIK.

  • Temporary Irritation. Light sensitivity and other minor irritations are to be expected following LASIK surgery. Expect to have some discomfort and visual abnormalities for a week or so after surgery.
  • Dry Eyes. LASIK-induced dry eyes can be permanent, but generally clears up after a few months.
  • Flap Problems. LASIK surgery involves the creation of a small flap on the cornea. Very rarely, this flap could be incorrectly made. This will cause problems with vision. Be sure to avoid this risk by choosing a reputable and experienced doctor. If you live in or near Alabama, talk to Dr. Danny Lee. He is located in Decatur and Huntsville, and is qualified and certified to help you succeed at improving your vision.

Highlighting the Benefits

While the risks may sound scary, complications are rare, and you may find that the benefits outweigh the risks. Here are some reasons that LASIK may be the right option for you.

  • Safe and Effective. One of the reasons why people with refractive errors choose LASIK is because it is one of the safest medical procedures available. LASIK is a blade-free method and is trusted by thousands of doctors worldwide to be highly effective.
  • Tailored for Every Eye. Each eye has its own unique characteristics, which makes iLASIK so popular. It is a custom procedure that tailors specifically for every eye. WaveScan technology creates a 3D map, and is capable of detecting the tiniest detail in your unique eye.
  • Provides Instantaneous Results. Vision is corrected almost immediately after the surgery. The recovery is quick and there is no need for stitches.
  • Decreased Dependence on Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses. How many times have you dropped your contact lens? How many times have you had to replace your glasses? People who have undergone LASIK surgery find that they wear their glasses or contacts less often or even not at all. This eliminates the hassle, and provides room to experience life with less stress and worry.

While there certainly are risks to laser eye surgery, millions of people choose LASIK because of its safety, reliability, and rapid recovery. Get in touch with Dr. Danny Lee and get to know more about how LASIK can change your life!