Why Should You Get LASIK Instead of Glasses?

Why Should You Get LASIK Instead of Glasses?

August 26th, 2016

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Not many people are happy when told that they need an eyeglass prescription to see properly. As children, we may have fantasized about wearing those thick-rimmed glasses that made others look intellectual and cool. However, those who need glasses to see know better. While glasses are very effective in temporarily improving vision, they do have their downsides.

Wearing glasses can be a daily struggle for some. There are many reasons why one would be eager to ditch their eyeglass prescription.

The Disadvantages of Wearing Specs

There are some daily activities that tend to be a bit of a struggle when wearing prescription glasses. Constantly worrying about breaking or losing them is bad enough, let alone the annoyances they cause throughout the day.

When glasses are your only source of vision correction, you rely pretty heavily on them. Things like not being able to see until you put your glasses on in the morning, or not being able to wear sunglasses unless you pay for a pricey prescription pair become pretty tiring after a while. Participating in sports or swimming become difficult. Even something as simple as lying on your side while watching TV is nearly impossible.

Many people also experience headaches as a result of wearing glasses. Some people experience headaches as a result of the pressure put on the side of their head and sinuses while wearing their specs. However, this could also just mean that your prescription needs to be updated to decrease eye strain.

Say Goodbye to Prescription Glasses – Say Hello to LASIK

Dr. Danny Lee frequently hears about the woes of wearing eyeglasses. Luckily, Dr. Lee has some great options for you. LASIK surgery is one of the most sought after vision correction methods today. LASIK permanently corrects vision – which means no glasses and no contact lenses. LASIK surgery has been freeing people from prescription eyeglasses for years now.

LASIK is an amazing investment, with most patients experiencing 20/20 vision or better. Imagine a life where you wake up in the morning, play sports or exercise, and watch TV all with clear vision, and all without glasses! LASIK surgery with Dr. Lee makes this entirely possible.

If you are sick of your glasses holding you back, LASIK may be right for you. Visit Dr. Lee in Decatur, Alabama to discover if LASIK surgery is right for you. Never let anything get in the way of enjoying your life, even prescription glasses! Schedule your LASIK consultation with Dr. Lee today.