LASIK for Athletes: Is It Beneficial?

LASIK for Athletes: Is It Beneficial?

June 22nd, 2016


Sports and other athletic activities require a certain amount of freedom from contact lenses and eye glasses. Many athletes find that it is difficult to do their best when they rely on contact lenses during their games, or if they have to leave their eyeglasses behind. Dr. Lee understands that to do your best, you must see your best. This is where LASIK surgery comes in.

Prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses are not ideal for those who frequently do strenuous activities. Glasses easily fall and can break, and contact lenses have been known to cause discomfort or even get knocked out of your eye during some sports! If you are tired of choosing between bad vision and the hassle of glasses and contact lenses, we have good news for you! With LASIK surgery, there is no worrying about getting something underneath your contact lens or breaking your expensive eyeglasses.


The Best of the Best – iLASIK


Technology has advanced rapidly in the past decade. LASIK surgery is now safer and more effective than ever. Dr. Lee in Alabama offers the most advanced type of LASIK, striving to provide patients the best that laser vision correction has to offer.

Dr. Lee is one of few in Alabama to offer the highly advanced and refined procedure called iLASIK. The iLASIK technology suite allows Dr. Lee to create a 3D map of the eye before the procedure, which is used to give you completely customized results.

For athletes, good vision is very important. A one size fits all mentality with vision correction is not always the best. The ability to tailor this procedure to each individual gives Dr. Lee the ability to treat a bigger variety of refractive errors, as well as a better overall outcome. While all types of modern LASIK surgery is deemed safe, iLASIK adds an extra level of safety and effectiveness. For athletes, who rely heavily on clear vision, iLASIK is indeed the best solution.


Benefits and Considerations


iLASIK has proven to be one of the most effective forms of vision correction out there, and athletes especially benefit from this high level of safety and accuracy. While there are risks involved with any eye procedure, iLASIK offers patients a remarkably low complication rate. Famous athletes like LeBron James have trusted in the power of LASIK surgery, and often experience a significant improvement in their performance post-LASIK.

Of course, the biggest concern for most athletes undergoing LASIK is the recovery time. LASIK recovery is very quick and easy, but it is recommended that would abstain from any strenuous activity for at least a week. Depending on the activity, Dr. Lee may suggest abstaining for longer than a week. Planning around this recovery period can be difficult for some athletes. These restrictions are put in place to prevent complications and ensure the best outcome.


A Call to Athletes: Improve Your Game


The bottom line is this: contact lenses and eyeglasses hold you back. Whether you are playing an aggressive contact sport, running on a track, or swimming competitively, the last thing you want to worry about is clear vision. LASIK surgery is one of the only ways to permanently correct your vision. If you are sick of letting blurry vision hold you back during the important moments in your life, maybe now is time to make an investment in LASIK.

Experts everywhere agree that LASIK surgery is the best solution to vision problems in athletes. For active individuals and athletes in Decatur and Huntsville, Dr. Lee is happy to help you understand all of your options and to provide the best eye care in the area. If you have been considering LASIK surgery, but have hesitations, call Dr. Lee today!