4 Ways To Treat Your Dry Eye

Tired of itchy, red, watery eyes? These are common symptoms of dry eye. The good news is that dry eye is something you can treat! The trick to overcoming your chronic dry eye is by treating not only its symptoms but also its causes. Here are some ways you can make your eyes healthy again. […]

June 14, 2019

Are You Ready For Cataract Surgery?

Getting prepared for cataract surgery can be a difficult experience. Not only are you likely dealing with foreign concepts, but your sight isn’t at its best. The best way to fight fear is with information, and the best way to get information is by getting it from the source. Keep reading to find out more […]

May 31, 2019

6 Factors That Can Affect LASIK Candidacy

Not everyone can get LASIK. While the surgery has a high success rate, there are certain factors you must meet. The only way to know if you’re a LASIK candidate is to have a LASIK consultation. There are many factors considered including health, corneal thickness, age, and more. Want to have an idea about if […]

May 16, 2019

3 Tips For Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataract surgery has one of the highest success rates and is a quick and easy surgery to undergo. Recovery is just as quick and easy too! Laser Vision Center in Huntsville has a fantastic track record with cataract surgery. Schedule an appointment with us if you need cataract surgery! Wondering how to make sure you […]

April 29, 2019

Can LASIK Fix My Dry Eye?

LASIK is a surgery that corrects refractive errors like farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Unfortunately, this isn’t a procedure that will fix your chronic dry eye. In fact, if you want LASIK, your dry eye needs to be under control before you can get it. LASIK tends to temporarily make dry eye symptoms worse. If you […]

April 5, 2019
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