4 Tips After LASIK

LASIK gives you quality eyesight with minimal recovery time. Even though it has a quicker recovery time, you still need time to recover after LASIK. During this time, you will be at a higher risk of developing complications. Wondering how you can have the best LASIK recovery possible? Keep reading for 4 tips to follow […]

November 15, 2019

Are You Suffering from the Warning Signs of Cataracts?

Cataracts occur as a natural part of aging. It is, in most cases, a very gradual process that subtly affects your vision. Contrary to what some may believe, cataracts do not only make it harder to see in one way. There is actually a wide range of symptoms that you can attribute to cataracts. Keep […]

November 26, 2019

What Happens If You Don’t Treat Dry Eye?

Dry eye may seem like a harmless if annoying, problem to have. Sure your eyes are itchy and red all the time, but you can still see, so if you can deal with it, right? The unfortunate truth is, that dry eye is a progressive disease. For sufferers of dry eye, that means it will […]

October 29, 2019

Will LASIK Hurt?

Did you know that you’re awake during LASIK? Many people share the misconception that it will be a painful experience. It’s actually quite the opposite! LASIK is a very short procedure that is painless thanks to a strong localized anesthetic. This anesthetic, applied through an eye drop, blocks the pain receptors in your eyes. This […]

October 15, 2019

Is Dry Eye Treatable?

Dry eye is a common disease that causes its victims irritation, pain, and discomfort. If you have dry eye, you’re in luck, because it’s treatable. Treatment of dry eye can fall under two categories: self-care and professional treatment. Keep reading for some tips on treating your dry eye symptoms! Self-Care Managing dry eye means changing […]

September 30, 2019

How Often Should I Have My Eyes Checked After LASIK?

You’re living a life free of the inconvenience of glasses and contacts and loving it. But does that mean you get to pass on having regular eye exams after LASIK in Decatur? After all, if you’ve got 20/20 vision, it seems pointless sticking to a regular eye exam schedule, right? The answer is no. Unless […]

June 5, 2018

Common LASIK Myths

You’ve been on the fence for a while about getting LASIK surgery. Sure, you want to see better, but you don’t know exactly what to expect. Once you stop believing some common LASIK myths, you will have a better idea of what to expect with the procedure and can better decide if LASIK is right […]

April 27, 2017

Can I Have LASIK Twice?

LASIK gives you the best eyesight by negating the effects of refractive errors. Under certain circumstances, one LASIK procedure may not be enough. In that case, you may need a LASIK enhancement. This is not common, but it does happen sometimes. This is not the case for up to 95% of LASIK patients. The overwhelming […]

September 17, 2019

5 Tips To Keep Dry Eye In Check

Dry eye is an annoying, distracting, and painful problem that is also very common. Fortunately, there are many ways to help fight dry eye, most of which need very little effort. There are even surgical options for chronic sufferers of dry eye when the other tricks aren’t enough. Keep reading for 5 tips to keep […]

January 16, 2019

6 Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery with CATALYS®

Through the process of aging, the clear lens in your eye grows cloudy, hardens, and eventually interferes with your ability to see. When you reach the point at which it affects your daily life, it’s time for cataract surgery. The idea of surgery can feel intimidating. Few of us look forward to going “under the […]

May 17, 2018
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