How To Best Prepare For Recovery From LASIK Surgery

How To Best Prepare For Recovery From LASIK Surgery

July 25th, 2023

LASIK surgery can open doors to a whole new life of visual freedom and independence. After you heal from the procedure, you will be able to experience less dependence on visual aids such as glasses and contact lenses. 

But like any other medical procedure, your participation and personal responsibility in the follow-up and recovery stage will ensure that your results are the best they can possibly be. Keep reading to learn how to best prepare for recovery from LASIK!

Choose a Trusted Person to Drive You

Arrange for someone to drive you to and from the procedure. While an Uber or taxi is a choice you’d make going to a restaurant, don’t rely on a ride service when it comes to your post-LASIK recovery. 

A friend or relative you trust should be there to drive you and, if you need it, accompany you to the door of your home or inside to help you get settled. 

Take Time Off From Work

LASIK is minimally invasive, but it’s still a surgical procedure. So it’s important that you don’t rush the healing process or unrealistically push yourself by scheduling something at work the next day. 

Give yourself space and time to recover, and plan on a couple of days off from work. You may need more time if you’re not working a desk job but are working a job that requires you to be more physical. 

Your eye doctor will be able to give you a timeframe for returning to work during your recovery.

Avoid Makeup and Perfumes

Minimizing your self-care to the most basic, simple routines before your procedure is ideal. Makeup, especially eye makeup, is only going to complicate matters, as your eyelids will be cleansed before surgery.

Also, perfumes aren’t necessary; it’s best to avoid them on the day of your procedure.

Follow Recovery Instructions

You’ll be given instructions before the procedure and after. It’s essential that you follow them. 

You may also want to read them in advance. That way, you know what to expect and have everything ready for your successful recovery.

Get Plenty of Rest and Protect Your Eyes During Recovery

Recovery from LASIK is an excellent time to give yourself a well-deserved break from your hectic and busy life. Give your eyes a rest from screens, and plan on napping when you get home. 

If your LASIK surgeon gives you an eye shield to wear, make sure you wear it as instructed. It’s important as it will prevent you if you unconsciously start rubbing your eyes. 

When you shower, be careful not to get water, soap, or shampoo in your eyes, as this can also lead to rubbing or infection.

Attend Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments provide benchmarks in your healing process. Make sure to attend each scheduled visit so you can optimize your recovery.  

Ask Your Eye Doctor at Laser Eye Center Any Questions

LASIK surgery shouldn’t be a mystery; if you don’t understand something, ask your eye doctor. 

The goal of being an informed patient is to participate and collaborate in your effective treatment and recovery. A simple back-and-forth series of questions will give you better advice tailored to your situation and help give you the comfort and peace of mind you are looking for! 

Are you interested in learning more about how you can prepare for LASIK? Schedule an appointment at Laser Eye Center in Hunstville, AL, today!