6 Reasons Why You Should Consider LASIK This Spring

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider LASIK This Spring

March 8th, 2023

Have you wanted to schedule your LASIK surgery but need that extra little nudge? Spring is a fantastic season for LASIK surgery for so many reasons. 

Keep reading to learn six reasons why you should consider LASIK this spring!

Spring Ahead Right Now With LASIK 

LASIK surgery in March or April, or even May, means that the summer ahead will be the best season ever. With reduced dependency on glasses and contact lenses, you’ll have the visual freedom you’ve always wanted.

The up-front cost of LASIK will also save you money in the long run without the ongoing expense of prescription glasses or contact lenses. Spring ahead into a year free of the worry or hesitation that your less-than-perfect vision is holding you back from all the things you could be doing.

This spring, after LASIK surgery, things will be so different!  

Six Reasons to Schedule LASIK this spring

Here are six things to consider when deciding if now is the right time for LASIK: 

Reduce Seasonal Allergy Discomfort

If seasonal allergies have always been a problem, without contact lenses, you’ll have less concern about itchy, watery eyes and redness. Without the need to put in or take out contact lenses, you’ll introduce fewer allergens and pollen into your eyes, adding to your comfort.

Simplify Summer Packing

Make those big plans for summer! Whether hiking in the mountains or traveling far away to a seaside destination, you won’t have to pack extra contact lenses, fluids, and cleaning supplies. 

No more asking yourself, “where are my glasses?” or making sure you have backup glasses in case you can’t wear your contact lenses. 

Swim and Sweat

Jump into summer feet first and enjoy swimming without the fear of not being able to see without glasses or losing your contacts if you open your eyes underwater. Play harder and wipe away that sweat without stinging eyes.

Begin the Day Right Away

Wake up and start your day instantly. Roll over, open your eyes, that’s it. 

No more scrambling for your glasses on your bedside table or stumbling to the bathroom, not being able to see until you put in your contacts. LASIK lets you wake up on the right side of the bed every day thanks to clear, sharp, worry-free vision.

Outlast Everyone Else

Go to bed later because every night is now a good night, no matter how late it gets. No more tired, scratchy eyes from wearing your contacts too long. 

No more heading home early because you had to take them out. You can stay out until last call, go out for breakfast in the middle of the night, and even watch the sunrise. 

The LASIK life, with reduced dependence on contacts and glasses, means the choice is yours. You decide, not your eyes.

Plan Ahead With LASIK

If you’re like most people, you plan ahead to make every summer vacation day count. You book restaurants in advance to get the best seating at the best time. 

Give the same thought to scheduling your LASIK surgery this spring in anticipation of how this head-start can launch you into a summer you’ll always remember.

Do you want to determine if you may be a candidate for LASIK? Schedule a LASIK evaluation at Laser Eye Center in Huntsville, AL, today!