6 Ways that Cataract Surgery Will Change Your Life For the Better

6 Ways that Cataract Surgery Will Change Your Life For the Better

December 13th, 2022

When you live with cataracts, your experiences are naturally somewhat less enjoyable due to reduced vision and limitations on what you can do. Maybe you haven’t noticed what you’ve lost because the changes occur so slowly over time.

Thankfully, cataract surgery can restore your vision and eliminate your symptoms. Shortly after cataract surgery, you’ll see the world brighter, bolder, with sharper details and greater clarity.

Keep reading to learn six ways that cataract surgery will change your life for the better!  

1. You’ll Have Clearer and More Sharp Vision

With the cloudy lens of your cataract removed, your new replacement lens will restore the clarity you’ve been missing and bring the world back into focus. You’ll see more clearly than you have in years, and everything you do will be easier. 

You’ll move through life with more assurance and confidence. Furthermore, you’ll want to get out there and enjoy it all. 

2. You’ll Get Your Independence Back

Have you given up driving at night or in rainy weather because of glare and starbursts from traffic lights? Do oncoming headlights make you nervous behind the wheel?

After your cataracts are removed, you will no longer have to avoid driving at night. You can go out to dinner with friends, enjoy a movie and drive home in the dark worry-free because of your newly-restored vision. 

3. You’ll See Better Than Before With a Premium IOL 

Due to cataracts and age, it’s likely that you’ve had to juggle different glasses for years. Many people have a pair they wear for distance and a pair for reading to be able to accomplish tasks at both distances.

Premium IOLs can give you a range of vision from clear, sharp distance viewing to functional up-close viewing for specific activities like reading a menu, checking the speedometer on the dashboard of your vehicle, or working on a computer. You’ll be able to move from one task to another without carrying around glasses. 

4. You’ll Return to your Favorite Hobbies and Activities 

Cataracts can make close-up work challenging to focus on. Some people with cataracts find hobbies like knitting, crocheting, and sewing so challenging that they put those activities aside. 

However, as anyone with hobbies knows, those are fun ways to relax. All those simple joys will come back into your life with improved vision. 

5. You’ll View Colors Again With Vibrance and Accuracy

You may have gotten used to it, but cataracts can make things appear more yellow or muddy than they actually are. Once those cloudy lenses are removed and replaced, you’ll marvel at the beauty of everything around you. 

Everything will look bright and vibrant after your cataract surgery, from a bouquet of flowers on the table to the smile of a beloved grandchild and the view outside your front door. 

6. You’ll Get Out Into the World

When you have clearer vision, you can do all the things you’ve wanted to do but have been putting off. Whether hiking on the weekend with friends, going swimming at the local pool or in a mountain lake, or taking long walks in rainy or snowy weather, choosing a premium IOL will allow you to be less burdened by glasses or contact lenses.

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