Can the Vivity Lens Reduce My Dependence on Glasses?

Can the Vivity Lens Reduce My Dependence on Glasses?

July 11th, 2022

The Vivity lens is a popular choice for those who desire crisp vision after cataract surgery. It’s a brand new cutting-edge lens approved by the FDA in 2020. 

Only available through a few select practices, the Laser Eye Center is among one of the first fifty practices offering this advanced technology to patients. Keep reading to learn more about the Vivity lens and if it can reduce your dependence on glasses!

A Multifocal Lens

The Vivity lens is a premium multifocal intraocular lens, allowing you to see at various distances. You’ll benefit from high-quality distance and intermediate vision, and you’ll experience functional close-up vision. 

The standard cataract replacement lens is monofocal, meaning it gives you corrected vision within a limited range. Many people choose to have a standard monofocal lens to correct for crisp distance vision. 

If you choose a monofocal lens, you will still need to wear glasses for certain activities like reading. The Vivity lens is exclusive to Alcon, a leading manufacturer of intraocular lenses and other vision correction and eye care products. 

X-Wave Technology

The Vivity lens is the only multifocal lens to use X-Wave technology, with is a non-diffractive technology that enables a continuous range of vision. Non-diffractive technology allows you to see well in both dim and bright light.

In addition, this technology allows you to transition between vision ranges and experience less blurry zones.

Full Range Vision

With the premium Vivity lens, you can see clearly at both far and intermediate distances. You will also be able to experience comfortable vision when looking at something up close.

In a clinical study of Vivity lenses, eighty-seven percent of patients were less likely to need glasses in bright light focusing at arm’s length. Forty-six percent of patients were less likely to need glasses to see up close in bright light.

For example, when driving during the day, Vivity lens gives you the freedom and independence to read the road signs, check your speedometer on the dashboard, and see the numbers on your wristwatch. You’ll be able to shift your focus from one to the other continuously. 

When night driving, you’ll notice that there’s less bothersome glare, as many people report fewer starbursts and halos around lights. Sitting in a restaurant, you’ll be able to recognize a friend dining at a table across the room, read the available items on a menu, and look for messages on your cell phone. 

Vivity’s X-Wave technology enables you to see in all available light with uninterrupted vision.

Smooth Visual Transition

If you’re used to wearing progressive bifocals, you’ll find that the Vivity lens replicates the experience of smoothly moving between distance and intermediate vision. If you need crisp, sharp vision for fine up-close viewings such as reading or sewing, you may still wish to rely on reading glasses, especially in low-light situations. 

A Lens For Astigmatism

The Vivity lens is also available as a toric lens, meaning it can address your pre-existing astigmatism problems with vision correction that will work for you. Cataract surgery is your chance to regain lost ground with your sight. 

It’s also a chance to come out with even better vision than you’ve been used to in recent years. If you’re tired of swapping glasses for different activities and want to experience a full range of continuous vision, the Vivity lens may be for you!

The Vivity lens will reduce your dependence on glasses so you can enjoy life more fully. 

Do you want to learn more about the Vivity IOL and determine if it may be right for you? Schedule an appointment at Laser Eye Center in Huntsville, AL, today!