Why You Need to Pick a Reputable LASIK Surgeon

Why You Need to Pick a Reputable LASIK Surgeon

June 9th, 2022

Choosing a reputable LASIK surgeon makes a big difference in your personal comfort, emotional well-being, and long-term outcomes following the procedure. Keep reading to learn more about why you need to pick a reputable LASIK surgeon!

The Relationship

An ophthalmology practice differs from a LASIK budget clinic in many ways. One way it differs is that its doctors build solid professional relationships with their clients that continue well beyond the procedure and last for years. 

At a budget clinic, the focus is on getting patients in the door and out quickly. Since budget clinics see each case as a one-time-only LASIK procedure, they spend minimal time with patients.

The Cost

A budget LASIK clinic’s publicly advertised prices are usually for the most basic cases or those that need minimal vision correction. Often if you make an appointment, you may find prices much higher than advertised.

This can be particularly if you have astigmatism or your prescription is beyond the range identified in the offer. 

They may also charge you separately for the procedure. These charges may come from the added expense of prescription eyedrops, post-operative doctor’s visits, and other add-on fees.

The lowball price is often designed to get you in the door. 

The Procedure

If you choose a budget LASIK clinic, you will likely not benefit from the latest advances in the field of laser surgery, as older surgical methods become cheaper while experts are developing new procedures. Your LASIK surgeon may not even be from the area but may only be brought in to do as many patients as possible on a given day. 

So you’ll see that person once and not again. Lack of quality patient contact is commonplace in a budget clinic.

The Equipment

Your LASIK surgeon may perform your surgery using outdated equipment if you choose a budget LASIK clinic. The same features and benefits you’d enjoy with newer techniques, such as faster healing and more precise vision, won’t be available to you when you pay a cut-rate price. 

The Results

There have been many advances in laser eye surgery in the decades since its development, and one of them is advanced 3D imaging. New imaging technology builds a personalized 3D map of each eye, capturing its unique features. 

Your LASIK surgeon can customize a plan to meet the unique needs of each individual eye, assuring the best results possible. At a budget clinic, those technologies are likely not available.

What you’re choosing is a one-size-fits-all procedure, and the results may not be as good as you’ve been led to expect.

The Surgeon

Some surgeons have nothing more than a basic license to practice medicine. When a surgeon says they are board-certified, that means they have completed specific training and continuing education related to their specialty. 

A surgeon board-certified in ophthalmology has completed a verified program of medical training in the ophthalmology specialty. They have also had a rigorous assessment of their post-training knowledge and skills. 

The American Board of Ophthalmology awards this certification and it indicates an eye surgeon is highly credentialed.

The Facts About Dr. Lee and Laser Eye Center

Dr. Danny Lee is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in corneal and refractive surgery. He makes available to his patients the latest methods, procedures, and medical technologies in vision correction. 

He’s dedicated to providing patients with surgical solutions to their complex corneal conditions. He knows that patient education and open communication, combined with customized treatment plans, leads to high patient satisfaction and outstanding outcomes.

As a member of the Hunstville community, Dr. Lee and the Laser Eye Center will serve you long after your LASIK procedure. That level of care and trust has no price tag and you should consider this as you make your LASIK choice.

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