What Is The Kamra Inlay? 

What Is The Kamra Inlay? 

May 20th, 2022


Do you need reading glasses to see menus, newspapers, or other small print? The Kamra Inlay may be able to help improve your vision so that you won’t need glasses as often?

Kamra Inlay is a fairly new procedure that uses the simple pinhole technique to improve reading vision. Keep reading to learn more about the Kamra Inlay!

What is Kamra Inlay?

Kamra Inlay is a vision correction procedure used to treat presbyopia. The Kamra Inlay aims to improve near vision and reduce your need for reading glasses. 

The procedure involves using the pinhole technique. In some cases, your eye doctor may use the pinhole technique to test your vision during routine eye exams.

During this process, your eye doctor places an eye shield with small holes in it to allow light to focus directly into the eye onto the retina. By doing this, the amount of light that enters your eye is minimized and controlled.

This same process happens inside the eye once the Kamra Inlay is in place. A tiny lens, similar to a very small contact, is inserted into your eye to help focus the light as it enters your eye.

Presbyopia is an age-related eye condition where the natural lens has become inflexible and unable to focus clearly on close-up objects. By having Kamra Inlay, your near vision will be restored without compromising your long-distance vision. 

In addition, you won’t be as reliant on your eyeglasses.

What Are the Benefits of Kamra Inlay?

There are many benefits to having Kamra Inlay. It’s a quick procedure with long-lasting results.

The Kamra Inlay doesn’t affect your depth perception or your distance vision. In case of a rare complication, the procedure can be reversed.

What Are the Risks of Kamra Inlay?

Maybe the benefits sound good to you, but what about the risks involved with having Kamra Inlay? It is a relatively new procedure. 

However, many who have had the Kamra Inlay have been happy with their results. One significant risk is in how the eye heals itself around the inlay.

Dry eyes can make this process harder. Kamra Inlay procedure may not be the best choice for vision correction for everyone.

You may experience some temporary side effects after the procedure. These may include blurred vision, difficulty seeing at night, glare, double vision, and problems perceiving colors.

Your eyes may also feel dry and irritated while they are healing.

How Do I Know If Kamra Inlay Is Right For Me?

To determine if you are a candidate for the Kamra Inlay, you must visit your eye doctor for an evaluation. Kamra Inlay may be something for you to consider if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your long-distance vision is very good
  • You only need reading glasses
  • You are between the ages of forty and sixty
  • Your pupils are no larger than six millimeters
  • You’re not currently using eye medication for other vision problems
  • You don’t have cataracts, glaucoma, or keratoconus
  • Your diabetes is under control, and you don’t have other immune system disorders

Before you can make a complete decision, you first need to have a full eye examination and discuss other alternatives. Contact your eye doctor if you think Kamra Inlay might be a good option for you.

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