Here’s What to Know Before You Have LASIK  

Here’s What to Know Before You Have LASIK  

May 6th, 2022

Have you always desired to reduce your dependence on glasses or contact lenses? Would you like to have LASIK but maybe aren’t sure if it’s an option for you? 

LASIK can be an excellent choice for those wanting to improve their vision. While not everyone is a good candidate, the only way to know for sure is by visiting your eye doctor for a consultation. 

Keep reading to learn what to know before you have LASIK!

What Is LASIK?

LASIK is a permanent vision correction procedure that uses a special laser to alter the shape of your cornea. The cornea is the transparent front part of your eye that is partially responsible for how well you can see. 

The reshaping of the cornea can correct for your natural refractive error, whether nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. LASIK is an in-office procedure that only takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete and will provide you with much-improved vision. 

Am I A Good Candidate For LASIK?

To qualify as a good candidate for LASIK, you must first meet specific qualifications. Your eye doctor will take into consideration your eye health, overall physical health, and the thickness of your corneas. 

During the LASIK procedure, your LASIK surgeon will create a flap in the first layer of your cornea. Then, they will reshape the corneal tissue below this flap. 

At your consultation, your eye doctor will measure the thickness of your cornea to ensure that it is thick enough to sustain the creation of a corneal flap. If there isn’t, your cornea may become too thin and cause vision problems and serious complications.

What Is The Recovery Like After LASIK?

You will likely notice a dramatic improvement in your vision without your contacts or glasses almost immediately after having LASIK. Recovery time after LASIK is often relatively short.

With the exception of a few activities, you will be able to resume everyday tasks within a matter of days to weeks. However, you may still experience sensitivity to light, have puffy eyelids, or excessive tears for the first few days.

Your doctor may prescribe eye drops and protective eyewear to promote proper healing for a few days after the procedure. You’ll also need to avoid wearing makeup for a few days and be careful and not rub, poke or touch them. 

You may experience watery eyes, puffy eyelids, and sensitivity to light for up to a week after surgery. Your vision will gradually improve with each day. 

It is essential to see your eye doctor for all follow-up visits to ensure proper healing and avoid any possible complications. 

Will You Be Another Happy Customer?

The process of qualifying to be a candidate is one of the many reasons that LASIK has a high patient satisfaction rate. Qualifying as a candidate ensures that you will have optimal vision results after the procedure. 

It also helps decrease the worry and stress that comes from having surgery. Once you discuss the procedure and what you expect to gain from it, it becomes very straightforward. 

And once you decide to have LASIK, you can start dreaming about what life will be like to have clear vision and not have to wear glasses. What fun things will you do once you no longer have to rely on glasses or contacts to see clearly? 

Do you want to learn if you may be a candidate for LASIK? Schedule a LASIK evaluation at Laser Eye Center in Huntsville, AL, today!