Can LASIK Treat Refractive Errors Like Astigmatism? 

Can LASIK Treat Refractive Errors Like Astigmatism? 

March 25th, 2022
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Has relying on contact lenses or glasses to see become increasingly bothersome to you? Maybe it’s time to consider LASIK!

When thinking about having the LASIK procedure, many people wonder if LASIK can correct their refractive error. Keep reading to learn if LASIK can treat refractive errors like astigmatism!

What Are Refractive Errors? 

A refractive error is an eye condition that happens when the shape of your eye prevents the light coming into your eye from focusing on the retina. Refractive errors cause blurry vision and are the reason many people rely on contact lenses and glasses to see. 

The most common refractive errors are nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If you are nearsighted, you may be able to see objects up close but not far away. 

On the other hand, if you are farsighted, you can see objects clearly from far away but not close up. The LASIK procedure can improve the way light is bent when entering the cornea so you can see clearly. 

What Is Astigmatism?   

Astigmatism is another type of refractive error. Astigmatism is when the shape of your cornea, the clear front surface of your eye, is less spherical.

If you have astigmatism, your cornea is more like the shape of a football rather than a basketball. Astigmatism usually appears alongside nearsightedness and farsightedness. 

Since the shape of your cornea can affect the way light is bent, astigmatism can contribute to your blurry vision. Some people who have a significantly misshapen cornea have an eye condition called keratoconus. 

Keratoconus is an eye condition where the cornea becomes thinner and cone-shaped. Your eye doctor may discourage you from having LASIK if you have keratoconus.

If you have keratoconus, your eye doctor will likely want to treat it before considering any laser vision correction procedures. 

What is LASIK?  

LASIK is an outpatient vision correction procedure where your surgeon uses a laser to reshape the surface of your cornea. By reshaping your cornea, the light entering your eye can focus directly on the retina.

When the light is focused directly on the retina, you will be able to see clearly. LASIK is a solution for vision correction in those with refractive errors. 

A major motivating factor for those that choose to have LASIK is that it can decrease your need for contact lenses and glasses. LASIK is also a relatively quick procedure that offers a minimal recovery time.

Can I Be a Candidate for LASIK if I Have Astigmatism?

If you are considering having the LASIK procedure, you will need to schedule a LASIK consultation. At this consultation, your eye doctor will tell you whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure.

Your eye doctor will perform many tests on your eyes and examine them to ensure you are a candidate for the procedure. At this visit, your eye doctor will also be able to tell if you have astigmatism and, if so, how much astigmatism you have. 

LASIK is a great way to treat the blurry vision symptoms caused by your astigmatism. Many people who have astigmatism have had the LASIK procedure are now enjoying improved vision.

Your eye doctor will also consider your eye health, physical health, corneal thickness, age, glasses prescription, and lifestyle when determining if you would be a good candidate for LASIK. The only way to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure, is to visit your eye doctor for a consultation. 

Are you ready to find out if you’d be a candidate for the LASIK procedure? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Laser Eye Center in Hunstville, AL, today!