Can I Get Cataracts After Cataract Surgery?

Can I Get Cataracts After Cataract Surgery?

December 15th, 2021
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Deciding to have cataract surgery is a big deal. What if you go through this whole process only to get cataracts later on down the road? 

You’ll be relieved to learn that cataract surgery is permanent, and you won’t have to have your cataracts removed twice. Keep reading to learn more about how cataracts work and what cataract surgery is like! 

What Are Cataracts Exactly?

As your body ages, so do your eyes. As a result, your vision may become impaired. 

You may suddenly need reading glasses or have to wear glasses while driving at night. Cataracts are common, and by the age of 75, most people will already have cataracts. Untreated cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in adults.

You can be at risk for cataracts if you’re younger as well. Diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity can increase your risk of developing them. 

If you’ve had an eye injury, excessive exposure to the sun, or a family history of this condition, then you should have regular eye exams. Let your eye doctor know that you may be at a higher risk for cataracts. They may want to see you more frequently.

What Is It Like When You Have a Cataract?

When you have a cataract, it can seem as though the world around you is blurry and dull. This is because the clear part of your eye, called the lens, is beginning to harden and turn yellowish. 

If left untreated, this condition can worsen over time, leading to blindness and vision loss. Symptoms of cataracts include:

  • Having blurry and cloudy vision
  • Your prescription has changed frequently in the last year 
  • You see halos and glare around bright lights
  • You get eye pain and headaches from driving at night
  • You see double in one eye
  • Colors appear yellow or dull
  • You need a brighter light to see clearly, but reading is becoming more difficult

You may get a cataract in one eye or both. Cataract surgery will improve your vision. It will also allow you to see clearly again. 

What is Cataract Surgery Like?

Dr. Lee uses the Catalys laser to perform cataract surgery. Before having surgery, you will discuss the procedure and options for a replacement lens or IOL (intraocular lens) with Dr. Lee and schedule the surgery and follow-up appointments. 

The procedure begins by having a 3D image of your eye taken. Taking a 3D picture of your eye ensures that your treatment is customized. The procedure uses phacoemulsification to remove the cataract, ensuring you’ll have a faster and safer surgery with minimal downtime after.

This advanced outpatient procedure involves creating a small incision in your eye where the cataract is gently removed. It’s then vacuumed out using a tiny probe and replaced with an artificial lens. 

What is Recovering After Cataract Surgery Like?

The procedure is painless, thanks to numbing eye drops you’ll receive before cataract surgery begins. Your eye will heal quickly on its own without the need for any stitches. 

Your eyes may be uncomfortable for a day or two, but this will pass on its own. As you recover, you’ll notice that your vision improves and gets better each day. You’ll need to use the eye drops prescribed to ensure your eyes heal and get used to the new IOL. 

Don’t put off regaining clear eyesight for another day! Schedule your cataract screening at the Laser Eye Center in Huntsville, AL, today!