How Do You Know If You’re Choosing a Good LASIK Surgeon?

How Do You Know If You’re Choosing a Good LASIK Surgeon?

August 13th, 2021
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It’s normal to have concerns about LASIK. After all, it is a medical procedure for your eyes.

But, don’t let your fears stop you from experiencing the change that LASIK can make in your life. By ending your dependence on glasses, you open yourself up to an exciting new life.

One of the best ways to help you ease your anxiety surrounding LASIK is to find a LASIK surgeon you can trust. You shouldn’t take this process lightly.

The best way to ensure your LASIK procedure is successful is by working with a surgeon you trust. Before your procedure, find an experienced surgeon with a successful record.

Keep reading to learn how to research a LASIK surgeon and find the best one for you!

Check Online for Referrals 

Recommendations from people you know are best when it comes to finding a surgeon. But, the fact is you may not know someone who has been to a particular LASIK surgeon.

Instead, you can look online to see other patients’ experiences. The internet can be a great place to begin your search.

While online reviews are an excellent place to check for large red flags, your search shouldn’t end there. People can influence or falsify online reviews.

Researching online reviews is an excellent starting point when researching a LASIK surgeon. But, you should do further research before coming to a decision. 

Review Your Surgeon’s Credentials

To become a LASIK surgeon, you need to have extensive education and experience and numerous licenses. You can check a potential surgeon’s entire list of credentials.

Check your state’s licensing boards or the National Practitioner Data Bank. Also, be sure the American Board of Medical Specialties has certified them to practice LASIK.

Ask if your surgeon is a member of the American College of Surgeons. This organization upholds the ethical standards of surgeons. If they aren’t a member, that may be a red flag.

Visit Your Prospective Surgeon’s Office

It’s comforting to see how the clinic itself works before committing to a LASIK surgeon. The practice should be clean, and the supporting staff professional and helpful.

When you meet the surgeon, they should be accommodating and open to answering all questions. It should not feel like a sales pitch to push you into a medical procedure like LASIK.

Ethical surgeons only perform surgeries they think will genuinely benefit the recipient. The primary goal of your surgeon should be to provide you with better vision.

Avoid Bargain LASIK Practices

You may see advertisements for LASIK practices offering cheap LASIK. Be wary of these advertisements and offices. Often, these practices are hiding the actual cost of the procedure.

Part of the cost of LASIK is the amount of vision correction you need. Many bargain LASIK practices advertise prices for eyes that require minimal correction.

Most LASIK patients need more correction than what the advertised price reflects. If your vision is worse than what the promotional procedure treats, you will pay more.

Also, bargain LASIK practices tend to use older equipment and have less experienced staff. Paying a bit more for LASIK is worth it to ensure your surgeon has vast experience and uses the best technology.

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