Will I Have Foggy Vision With Cataracts?

Will I Have Foggy Vision With Cataracts?

October 15th, 2020
older man with cataracts

As you age, it is natural for changes to occur in the lens of your eye. One of those changes is the forming of cataracts.

Cataracts can cause your vision to begin to deteriorate. The most common symptom of cataracts is blurry vision.

You may feel like you’re looking through a foggy window. This can happen in one or both of your eyes. This foggy vision can come on gradually. As the cataract in your eye grows, the part of your vision that is foggy also grows.

Cataracts can develop rapidly. This can leave you with a sudden amount of vision loss.

You will need to undergo cataract surgery when your vision becomes so blurry that you can no longer complete your daily routine. Keep reading to learn more about cataracts!

Other Signs of Cataracts

Cataracts cause side effects beyond foggy vision. You could even experience double vision!

Foggy and double vision in one or both eyes can make it incredibly difficult to see. Cataracts can also make it harder for you to see at night.

You will notice halos around artificial lights such as headlights from oncoming traffic. This can make it unsafe for you to drive at night. It is important not to drive at night if you see glare or halos.

Distinguishing shapes and bright colors becomes harder and harder as cataracts develop. Your vision may deteriorate to the point that you can no longer distinguish colors, shapes, or familiar faces. This is a sign that you will need to consider having cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the only way to treat cataracts. It is a quick, outpatient procedure.

During the surgery you will be awake and have your eyes open. You’ll have your pupils dilated and you’ll be given an anesthetic to numb your eyes. If you’re nervous, you’ll receive medication to relax you.

Your surgeon will make a small incision in the lens of the eye where the cataract has formed. Your doctor will break up and remove the cataract through this small incision.

After removing the cataract, your surgeon will replace the lens with an artificial lens. This is also called an IOL.

Premium vs. Standard IOLs

A standard, monofocal IOL will allow you to see at one fixed distance. You will still need glasses to see at farther distances. They will not correct astigmatism.

A premium IOL will allow you to see clearly at all distances. This includes near, far, and intermediate. A premium IOL will eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses.

Premium IOL options include multifocal, accommodating, and aspheric lenses.

Benefits and Results of Cataract Surgery

After finding out you have cataracts, you have two options. The first is to continue to increase your glasses or contact lens prescriptions. This is short term at best.

The second option is to undergo cataract surgery. This is the only permanent solution for cataracts. There are many advantages of cataract surgery, including:

  • Clearer vision
  • Quick, outpatient procedure
  • No stitches are not required
  • Premium IOLs eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses

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Say goodbye to cataracts and hello to clear vision!