5 Things That Make LASIK Worth The Investment

5 Things That Make LASIK Worth The Investment

September 16th, 2020
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Making the decision on whether to have LASIK can be a difficult one. For most people, the benefits that come with LASIK outweigh the costs.

Check out these five things that make LASIK surgery worth the investment!

1. Lose the contacts and glasses

Glasses and contacts can be difficult to manage. Who enjoys having glasses that fall off your face or contacts that are hard to put in?

Don’t even get us started about how easy it is to lose your glasses or contact lenses! Not having them makes you unable to see when you really need to!

LASIK solves this problem for good. No more fumbling around in the middle of the night for your glasses. Say sayonara to digging around for that contact that disappeared in your eye.

Why not take the stress out of seeing by getting LASIK instead? Have the confidence to see the world the way you always wanted to!

2. Save money over time

The average cost of LASIK in the United States is about $2,200 per eye, or $4,400 total for both eyes. That seems like a lot of money but in the long run, you’re saving money.

This is especially true if you wear contact lenses regularly. On average, contacts can run up to $300 per year, with exams and eyeglasses adding to the total cost.

LASIK solves your eyesight issues with one payment. It leaves you with peace of mind knowing you won’t be slapped with future expenses.

If it still seems high, most LASIK patients pay off their procedure after only 2 years! You can also discuss financing options to make LASIK more affordable.

3. Increase your self-esteem

If you are unhappy with how you look in glasses, LASIK can boost your self esteem. After LASIK, you won’t have to go out with a pair of bulky glasses.

You also won’t have to excuse yourself to the bathroom to manage your contacts. All you have to do is be present, and enjoy the freedom of sight!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have pictures where there’s no glare coming off your glasses?

4. Enjoy a more active lifestyle

You might be less inclined to be active when wearing glasses or contacts. Contacts can dry out your eyes.

Glasses are always prone to breaking. It can be difficult to work out or exercise when you feel like you’re being held back.

LASIK makes it easy to take part in all the sports and activities you love. You can enjoy a more active lifestyle without worrying about damaging your eyes, contacts, or glasses.

5. Fewer visits to the eye doctor

LASIK gives you the opportunity to visit the eye doctor less. This allows you more time to do the things you love most.

You will also save time and money. No more having to deal with prescription updates, glasses adjustments, and other maintenance needs.

Some surgeries can be time consuming and invasive. LASIK only takes about twenty minutes total to complete. You’ll be awake the whole time but you’ll never feel any pain.

The decision to get LASIK is up to you if you’re a candidate for the procedure. Millions of people around the world have had LASIK. Why not join them?

Ready to take the plunge? Find out if LASIK could be right for you by scheduling your LASIK consultation at the Laser Eye Center in Huntsville, AL!

If you want to change your life, LASIK is a pretty great place to start!