Why You Should Get LASIK Sooner Rather Than Later This Spring

Why You Should Get LASIK Sooner Rather Than Later This Spring

May 29th, 2020
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Clear vision is a goal that is as important as it is easy to get, thanks to LASIK, so why wait? Spring is here, so make one of the biggest decisions of your life and invest in your vision!

Keep reading to find out why you should get LASIK sooner rather than later this spring!

Be Vision-Ready For Summer!

Summer is a great time to cash in on all its many benefits LASIK has to offer. Is swimming difficult because you can’t see without your glasses?

Dive in as much as you want to! Afraid sand will scratch your lenses at the beach? No more!

Want to play outdoor sports, but your glasses or contacts make running uncomfortable? Play harder after recovering from LASIK!

If you wait until summer to get your procedure, then you may be spending much of it having to be careful. But if you act now, then you can be recovered in time to travel without worry! It’s a lot easier to have a summer filled with no cares, isn’t it?

Use Your Tax Refund On Your Eyesight

Tax season is about to end, so if you haven’t used your tax refund money yet, your eyesight is the perfect thing to invest in! If LASIK still seems like too big of a financial burden, try setting up financing.

With financing, you can split up the cost of the procedure into monthly installments. This will allow you to break down the big price tag and manage it into your budget.

You may be able to help bring the total cost of LASIK down through employee benefits as well. Consult your HR representative, if you have one, about your employee benefits.

See if you have access to an FSA. An FSA or flexible spending account allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars towards medical procedures insurance won’t cover.

LASIK is one of these procedures, as it’s elective. But flexible spending accounts come with rules and stipulations that can vary by employer. Make sure you understand exactly how they work before putting your money into one.

It Makes More Financial Sense

Did you know LASIK could actually end up saving you money? If you factor in all the costs associated with purchasing contacts or glasses, the savings only increase as the years go by.

Here’s the thing about LASIK: it can’t correct any future vision problems. That means you could still develop conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, or presbyopia later.

LASIK is intended to be a lifetime fix to your refractive errors. This means the sooner you get it, the more years you’ll have to enjoy its benefits.

Beginning your LASIK journey is as easy as contacting Dr. Danny Lee at Laser Eye Center in Decatur, AL. Set up a LASIK consultation to find out if you are eligible to undergo this life-changing procedure!

Why wait any longer if a world without visual aids and one with visual freedom could be yours for the taking?