Should I Pay Attention To Urban Legends About LASIK?

Should I Pay Attention To Urban Legends About LASIK?

February 27th, 2020
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Being a popular surgery, LASIK is no stranger to misinformation about it. Usually, these incorrect assumptions or conspiracy theories derive from very valid concerns.

They are, of course, worth discussing. Wondering if LASIK is worth getting? Keep reading to learn more about LASIK urban legends!

Myth: LASIK is Dangerous

Of course, this LASIK myth is usually at the forefront of people’s minds when considering the surgery. People want to make sure that having a procedure done on their eyes won’t hurt them.

All surgical procedures come with varying degrees of risk, LASIK included. What you may not know is that LASIK has an almost 97% success rate with patients who have had it.

There’s a great deal of training that surgeons must go through before they can perform LASIK. LASIK also has decades of research behind it, meaning it’s always evolving. There’s never been a better time to get LASIK than right now!

Myth: LASIK is Painful

Everything about LASIK seems like it couldn’t possibly be anything but painful. The eyes are sensitive. LASIK uses lasers, which sounds like it would be painful, right?

The fact of the matter is, LASIK isn’t actually painful at all. The reason is that patients receive numbing eye drops before the procedure.

These eye drops are conveniently filled with a topical anesthetic. The most you may feel is some slight pressure but it only lasts a few seconds during the procedure.

As you recover from LASIK, you might experience some pain. This shouldn’t be excruciating, but your eyes will be more sensitive than normal. This will usually only last a few days to a week or two, depending on the patient.

Myth: LASIK Does Not Last Long

For some reason, people think that LASIK is a temporary procedure. LASIK is a permanent solution for vision correction.

After LASIK, patients experience visual freedom from glasses and contacts. The one thing LASIK is not capable of is correcting any future vision problems.

This means even if you get LASIK, you can still get cataracts, glaucoma, or presbyopia. In some cases, a patient may need a LASIK enhancement 5-10 years after their initial procedure.

This is only necessary if vision is no longer as clear as it was when they first got LASIK.

Myth: LASIK is Overpriced

As a medical procedure, people seem to think that LASIK is too expensive. But why would you want to get a procedure like LASIK and not pay enough?

These are your eyes, after all. You want a surgeon with enough experience and training. You also want to find a practice that has the best technology money can buy.

If you want these things, you need to be willing to pay a little more. You should be wary of places that offer LASIK at a low price. Remember you are dealing with your eyesight, so you want professionals.

If the price of LASIK is what’s standing in your way of getting LASIK, consider financing options. At the Laser Eye Center, Dr. Lee offers his patients plenty of ways to make LASIK affordable.

Make sure to ask our staff what we can do to make LASIK easier to pay for!

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