4 Tips After LASIK

4 Tips After LASIK

November 15th, 2019
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LASIK gives you quality eyesight with minimal recovery time. Even though it has a quicker recovery time, you still need time to recover after LASIK.

During this time, you will be at a higher risk of developing complications. Wondering how you can have the best LASIK recovery possible? Keep reading for 4 tips to follow after LASIK!

1. Rest Immediately After the Procedure

LASIK surgery does not take long. Clocking in at about 15 minutes per eye, you will not be spending long at the doctor’s office.

If you’ve ever had a surgical procedure, you know it takes a toll on you. The same is true with LASIK. Most patients who have the procedure find themselves exhausted after it’s over.

Don’t try to fight the fatigue. Sleep is an important part of healing, and the earlier you start recovering, the better. The best thing you can do is keep your eyes closed for at least 3 hours after LASIK.

It’s okay if you don’t fall asleep. The act of closing your eyes and resting them can make a big difference during the recovery process.

When you close your eyes, make sure to wear the eye shields provided. They aren’t pretty, but they get the job done and make sure your eyes stay safe while sleeping. The last thing you want to do is bump or rub your eyes while you’re sleeping and hurt them.

2. Avoid Excessive Activity

While you recover from LASIK, you will need to be extra careful with your eyes. You will be able to slowly incorporate more and more of your routine back into your life as time goes on.

The keyword here is slowly. The first few days after you have LASIK, you should take it easy. Even bending over at the waist can put enough pressure on your eyes to do damage.

Lifting anything heavy will also strain your eyes, so don’t go home from the clinic thinking you can do chores. In the day or two after LASIK, do your best to avoid using screens, as it can strain your eyes.

This means no TV, tablets, smartphones, or e-readers. Your eyes are going to be more sensitive than normal, and screens may make you uncomfortable. The best thing you can do is rest and relax. When did you last get time to have time for yourself?

As you begin to heal, be mindful to avoid any activities like contact sports or excess exercise. If you have any questions about your progress, ask your doctor.

3. Do Not Swim

Even clean tap water can harbor bacteria. In their weakened state, your eyes will be much more prone to infection. It is a good idea to avoid getting water in them.

This means no swimming in lakes, pools, or otherwise. It also means no bathing, although showering is fine as long as you keep your eyes closed.

You should be able to go swimming again after about a month. Confirm this with your doctor to make sure it’s safe for your eyes.

4. Go To Your Appointments

You will be asked to come back to the clinic within 48 hours of your LASIK procedure. This is so the surgeon can get an immediate update on how your eyes are healing.

Monitoring your recovery will give the surgeon valuable information. If there are any complications, your surgeon will be able to catch them and treat them early on.

You will likely be asked to come in a few more times over the following months for updates. These are also a great opportunity for you to ask questions, should you have any.

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