How to Choose the Right LASIK Surgeon

How to Choose the Right LASIK Surgeon

January 2nd, 2018

choosing the right lasik surgeon

If you are considering LASIK surgery, one of the most important decisions you will make is your choice of surgeons. Finding someone with the right amount of experience is important not only for your own comfort but to make your surgery a success.

But how do you know what to look for in a LASIK surgeon? Well, this is a personal decision but we do have a few suggestions to help you get started.


  • Ask for referrals


Recommendations from people you trust is always a good place to start. LASIK is a pretty common surgery so odds are, you know someone who already had the procedure.

Ask those people about their experience and find out who they used. Why did they choose that specific person and would they recommend them to you?


  • Look for someone who is board certified


Before you choose anyone to perform your surgery, make sure that person is board certified. This is the most basic requirement any surgeon needs to meet.

You can also check your surgeon’s credentials through the state licensing board.


  • Check their reviews


So what if no one you know has ever used that surgeon before? How do you find out what kind of experience other patients have had with that doctor?

A good way to go about this may be by looking at online reviews. Of course, everyone is bound to get at least a few negative reviews. After all, this is the internet.

But an abundance of negative reviews will tell you something about that doctor, just like a lot of positive reviews can help put your mind at ease.


  • Make sure you feel comfortable with that person


It’s important that you feel comfortable with the person you end up choosing. So before deciding to go forward with the surgery, meet with that doctor first to get an overall sense of your own comfort.

Does that person put you at ease and do you feel like they’re trustworthy? And never allow yourself to be pressured into having LASIK — a good doctor will allow you to make that decision for yourself.


  • Make sure they have lots of LASIK surgeries under their belt


LASIK has been around for over two decades so it’s not uncommon for many doctors to have thousands of surgeries under their belt. Of course, there’s no magic number of surgeries we can tell you to look for. It’s just always a good idea to find out how much experience your surgeon has.

If you are looking for the right LASIK surgeon, then our practice could be the right choice for you. Contact our office in Decatur or Huntsville today to schedule your LASIK consultation with Dr. Danny Lee.