4 Reasons the Holidays are the Perfect Time for LASIK Surgery

4 Reasons the Holidays are the Perfect Time for LASIK Surgery

December 20th, 2017

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If you have been on the fence about having LASIK surgery then you are in luck. The holidays actually provide the perfect opportunity to get LASIK and enjoy the benefits of clear vision. Of course, we think LASIK is a great choice year-round but here are four reasons the holidays are the perfect time for LASIK surgery:

  • You’ll probably spend more time indoors anyway

Let’s face it, most people spend the majority of their time indoors around the holidays anyway. Yes, there are Christmas lights to see and outdoor activities you can enjoy but most people just naturally spend more time inside around this time of year.

So if your winter activity of choice is curling up under a blanket and watching Christmas movies, then this may be the perfect time for you to get LASIK.

  • Extra time off of work

Many people take advantage of the holiday season and choose to take extra time off work. And between paid time off for holidays and regular vacation days, this can add up to a substantial length of time.

So if you have been saving up those vacation days, why not make the most of them and have that LASIK surgery you have been putting off?

  • Use up the rest of your HSA account

LASIK is not typically covered by insurance so many people use their health saving account (HSA) to pay for the cost of the surgery. If you have money in your HSA account that hasn’t been used why not put it toward the life-changing benefits of LASIK?

  • Have clear vision in time for summer

Once summer gets here, you will want to take that yearly vacation, trips to the pool, and enjoy other outdoor activities. Now just imagine how much better those things would be without contacts or glasses.

The best part about getting LASIK over the holidays is the clear vision you will get to enjoy next summer — and every other summer after that!

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