3 Ways You May be Compromising the Health of Your Eyes

3 Ways You May be Compromising the Health of Your Eyes

June 26th, 2017


Many people understand the importance of taking care of their health by exercising regularly, taking vitamins, and avoiding too much sugar. But you also may be unknowingly neglecting the health of your eyes.

You may simply be unaware of the bad habits you have picked up over the years so hopefully, this article can inspire you to pick up some new habits. Here are three ways you may be compromising the health of your eyes:

Not getting yearly comprehensive eye exams

Eye exams are performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist and they are designed to look at the overall health of your eyes. Your doctor will not only test your visual acuity but they will also look for early symptoms of serious eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

By examining the blood vessels and structures within the eye your doctor can also detect early signs of health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Don’t take chances with your eyesight simply out of convenience. The best treatment is prevention and many common eye diseases are treatable is they are caught early enough.

 Taking poor care of your contacts

Often people will fail to clean out their contacts case, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. This is problematic because it can lead to eye infections, corneal ulcers, or even vision loss.

Another problem we frequently see is that people will wear their contacts for far longer than they should. Contacts are meant to be taken out every evening, cleaned, and disinfected. Many people will sleep in their contacts for weeks at a time which can be incredibly bad for your eyes.

Not wearing UV protective sunglasses

You know better than to spend time outdoors without applying sunscreen but are you giving this same level of thought to protecting your eyes? According to this study, half of the millennials surveyed said they don’t wear sunglasses.

Failing to protect your eyes from UV rays from the sun can lead to discomfort, early cataracts, macular degeneration, and permanent vision loss. Fortunately, this can be prevented by wearing UV-protective sunglasses every time you spend time outdoors.

We care about the health of your eyes. If you are due for your next eye exam, or if you would like more advice on how to keep your eyes healthy, contact our Huntsville office today!