Common LASIK Myths

Common LASIK Myths

April 27th, 2017

LASIK surgery is surrounded by blurred myths. This will clear things up.

You’ve been on the fence for a while about getting LASIK surgery. Sure, you want to see better, but you don’t know exactly what to expect. Once you stop believing some common LASIK myths, you will have a better idea of what to expect with the procedure and can better decide if LASIK is right for you.

Myth: Some people go blind from LASIK.

This is one of the most frightening myths out there, and even though it isn’t true, people continue to spread it. There has yet to be a single confirmed case of anyone going blind from LASIK. That doesn’t mean that complications cannot occur. There are risks associated with any procedure, and your Huntsville eye doctor will review them with you; however, you should not worry about going blind.

Myth: The laser used in LASIK can burn eyes.

The idea of having a hot laser shot into your eye sounds frightening, but you don’t need to worry with LASIK. Your eye doctor will use what is referred to as a cold laser. Cold lasers don’t burn the surface of the eye, so you won’t end up with any burns.

Myth: Cheap LASIK is just as good as a more expensive procedure.

You want to go with the best when getting LASIK. Skill matters, as does the pre- and post-operative care. Eye care centers that offer discount prices often skimp when it comes to care. They also often use less skilled surgeons who fail to achieve optimal results. Your eyesight is important, so don’t shop for a discount. Instead, look for the surgeon who is best suited to provide the desired outcome.

Myth: People who get LASIK end up with dry eyes for the rest of their lives.

Short-term side effects like dry eyes are common with LASIK. However, most people only experience dry eyes and other side effects for three to six months, at which point their side effects subside.

Myth: LASIK hurts.

Some people don’t get LASIK because they are afraid of the pain. Eyes are sensitive, and the idea of getting a laser treatment does sound painful. However, your eye doctor will place anesthetic drops in your eyes. These drops numb the eyes so you don’t feel a thing during the procedure. Your eyes will feel dry and scratchy for a bit after the procedure, but if you go home and take a nap, you will feel like new when you wake up.

Myth: People always get 20/20 vision with LASIK.

While many people do achieve 20/20 vision with LASIK, it is not guaranteed. Your eye doctor will examine your eyes before the surgery and give you a range of possible outcomes. If your prescription is mild to moderate, you will likely get 20/20 vision or close to it after the procedure, but you might require a touch up to achieve your desired outcome.

Separating fact from fiction is the first step in deciding if LASIK is right for you; scheduling an appointment with a Decatur, Alabama eye doctor is the second. Your eye doctor will examine your eyes and determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK. If you are, you can move forward with the procedure.

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