The Importance of Annual Eye Exams After iLASIK Surgery

The Importance of Annual Eye Exams After iLASIK Surgery

May 17th, 2016


Millions of people’s lives have been improved because of iLASIK. These people have successfully abandoned dependency on corrective eyewear and enjoyed a new life with 20/20 vision thanks to iLASIK surgery. These patients often wonder about the need for annual eye exams, especially after having their vision fully restored to its prime. Though these individuals no longer require routine appointments with their optometrist regarding prescriptions, it is still important to have annual eye exams post-iLASIK to maintain proper eye health. In Huntsville and Decatur, Alabama, Dr. Lee makes it a top priority to champion long-term vision health of these post-surgery patients.

Even after corrective surgery, certain eye conditions that are no longer under the curative scope of iLASIK can develop and threaten vision. LASIK surgeons in Alabama are trained to assess eyesight with their wealth of knowledge and gained clinical expertise. With thorough exams, they can spot any changes to one’s eyes. In addition to this, they can determine presence of eye conditions which can lead to blindness if not managed properly and promptly.

There are three fundamental reasons backing the importance of routine eye exams:

  • Great Vision Maintained

Patients who had iLASIK are not immune to the deterioration of visual acuity as it is a natural part of aging. Changes are expected over time, but with the expert help of an eye doctor, patients can keep track of their visual acuity. During a comprehensive exam, doctors note of irregularities that could prevent the optimum result of iLASIK to last. One of the most common enhancements done is to provide glasses for only reading and/or driving.

  • Serious Eye Diseases Prevented

While it is true that iLASIK can provide clear, crisp and consistent vision, it is not designed to prevent serious eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. These serious eye diseases pose a threat to the integrity of the eyes and could even lead to blindness. Individuals who have undergone iLASIK are usually those with refractive errors. While these refractive errors were corrected by iLASIK, this does not eliminate the fact that refractive errors increase the chance of these serious eye diseases to develop. Simply put, iLASIK patients still could have high risk for serious eye diseases, something that can be addressed and discovered through annual eye exams.

  • Address Other Health Problems Contributing to Eye Diseases

Individuals who had iLASIK and also have other chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer are in need of annual eye exam because these health conditions predispose a person to complications that usually involve abrupt loss of vision. In addition, individuals who have allergies may experience eye discomfort, which can be properly intervened through annual or regular eye exams.

Deciding to have iLASIK is one of the most important investments an individual can make. By strictly adhering to annual exams, one can reap the benefits of this investment and remain informed about their eye health. Say yes to optimum vision and call Dr. Lee now!