Top 5 Reasons to Consider Advanced LASIK Technology

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Advanced LASIK Technology

April 20th, 2016

Prescription glasses and contact lenses are practical choices when it comes to addressing simple vision problems. However, these eye devices often hinder people from enjoying daily activities. Wearing glasses for long hours while reading can cause tension headaches. When running, condensation can gather on the lenses of glasses; an obnoxious problem when trying to relax and enjoy yourself. Contact lenses, too, can cause daily frustration- they often dry out eyes and act as one of the most common causes of eye infection.

Fortunately, laser vision correction surgery has been very successful in providing a permanent solution to improve vision. Laser-assisted in situ keratomilieusis (LASIK) is a surgery aimed to correct distortion in eye shapes that hinder the precise passage of light, resulting in faulty vision. Over the years, LASIK eye surgery has many developed advancements which can accommodate a wide-range of patients with have different vision problems and needs.

Advanced LASIK Technology Offered Now

There are many types of LASIK eye surgery, but not all are offered by various laser eye centers. Here in Decatur and Huntsville at the Laser Eye Center, iDesign and iLASIK (all-laser LASIK) are the newest and most advanced LASIK eye surgeries we proudly offer.

The iDesign system is considered the brain of LASIK eye surgery because it is 25 times more precise in scanning the eye compared to the traditional LASIK. Therefore, with its high-definition scan, it can capture even the littlest irregularity in the eye.

On the other hand, iLASIK is the most advanced LASIK technology because it combines iDesign system and Intralase method (use of blade-free femtosecond laser) which not only makes it more precise but a safer choice for your eyecare.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Advanced LASIK Technology

If advanced LASIK technology is suitable for your visual needs, here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider having LASIK eye surgery with Dr. Danny Lee:

It is fast. The operation for both eyes can take between fifteen minutes and one hour depending on your visual irregularities. For an ideal permanent solution to visual problems, it is a fast solution. Aside from this relatively short time, the surgeon has adequate time to check for the corneal flaps to ensure patient safety. You can return to your regular daily activities within 24-48 hours.

It is individualized.

Precise eye mapping techniques make it possible for an individualized care plan. Accurate eye mapping allows Dr. Lee to be made aware of adjustments that need to be carried out within the surgery, maximizing visual outcomes. Our mapping technologies can gather 1, 200 data points on your eyes, allowing you to rest assured that high-quality information will be transmitted to the device.

It is safe.

Ninety-nine percent of cases did not experience complications after LASIK surgery. The technology has advanced over the years so much so that the risk for complication is very low. Also, surgeons allowed to use advanced LASIK technology are only those who have undergone years of ophthalmic training. Nevertheless, complications will be discussed thoroughly by your doctors and you are given instructions after on how to prevent them.

It is painless.

Anesthetic eye drops are utilized and if there’s any sensation you should initially feel, it is numbness. A little pressure may also be felt during the procedure but this normal and painless.

It achieves better result than traditional LASIK.

Because of its sophisticated measuring technique, advanced LASIK technology can achieve better vision than traditional LASIK. Some patients notice significant changes in their vision while even inside the laser center! Others will be able to experience improved vision within three weeks after the surgery.

There’s not a better way to prioritize your vision than by choosing a more precise and safer option for your LASIK procedure. With advanced LASIK technology, you can say goodbye to prescription glasses and contact lenses. Contact us now here in our eye laser centers in Decatur and Huntsville for more information and to book your appointment today!