Is Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery Right For You?

Is Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery Right For You?

April 14th, 2016

Gone are the days when vision problems are solely managed by corrective eyewear like prescription glasses and contact lenses. An elective eye surgery called laser-assisted in situ keratomilieusis (LASIK) has been utilized by many eye surgeons worldwide to achieve vision improvement for patients with vision problems. This laser vision correction surgery is also offered in clinics here in Huntsville and Decatur, Alabama.

Like any innovation in science, LASIK eye surgery is continuously improved to accommodate patients with various and complex needs. Advanced LASIK eye surgery technologies like iDesign and all-laser LASIK provide a more accurate technology for mapping the eye compared to traditional LASIK. However, with various types of LASIK, it can be confusing for patients to familiarize themselves with  and ultimately decide which laser vision correction options to choose even with proper guidance by eye surgeons.

The Main Difference Between Traditional and Wavefront LASIK

Wavefront LASIK eye surgery works under the same premise observed in traditional LASIK eye surgeries. This laser vision correction technique uses an excimer laser to create corneal flaps, allowing Dr. Lee to modify the shape of the cornea by eliminating cell accumulations that interfere with passage of light. However, Wavefront LASIK eye surgery provides a major advantage through its advanced mapping technology. It measures the whole eye and provides 3D mapping, which makes the execution more precise because this information is transmitted to the laser instrument.


One factor that should be considered in deciding if Wavefront LASIK eye surgery is for you is the type of vision problem that you have. Vision problems classified as higher-order aberrations,  including starbursts, poor night vision, and seeing light halos cannot be addressed by traditional LASIK and corrective eyewear. These vision problems are best approached with wavefront analysis. On the other hand, lower-order aberrations like uncomplicated nearsightedness and farsightedness can be handled by traditional LASIK, but Wavefront technology can provide the most accurate and highest quality visual outcomes.

Meet With Your Doctor

iDesign and all-laser LASIK are the newest LASIK surgery techniques that use Wavefront LASIK technology and is available and offered in the United States, particularly here in Huntsville and Decatur by Dr. Danny Lee! These are associated with better vision outcomes and fewer side effects, but it is important to understand that this is not for everyone. Come visit Dr. Danny Lee in one of our convenient locations in Alabama to find out if Wavefront LASIK with iDesign is right for you!