LASIK: 5 Tips to Reduce Pain After Surgery

LASIK: 5 Tips to Reduce Pain After Surgery

July 31st, 2014

Dr. Danny Lee believes that all patients who undergo LASIK need to understand the benefits and risks of surgery. This commitment to patient education and providing unvarnished facts is what makes him one of the leaders in laser eye surgery for those in the greater Huntsville and Decatur.

While it’s true that LASIK is a great solution for treating refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism), one of the side effects of surgery is soreness and discomfort. Let’s look into this issue in a little bit of detail right now and discuss what patients can do to take care of post-surgical pain. 

Is pain common after LASIK?

Some amount of pain after LASIK is common, though it’s easy to manage and rather mild in nature. Soreness and discomfort is probably the best way to describe it. Any undue pain should be reported to the LASIK practice as soon as possible so the matter can be looked into and addressed as soon as possible.

How long does the discomfort after LASIK last?

The discomfort after LASIK will last a few days, turning into irritation as the healing process continues. The tips below will help you with the overall healing process and allow you to heal with relative ease.

Tip #1: Rest Your Eyes After Surgery

After LASIK surgery, you will feel a bit tired, and so will your eyes. Be sure to get a lot of rest after surgery. For that first 48 hours, avoid doing anything that may strain your eyes, such as reading, using the computer or a mobile device, watching TV, and so on. This prevents eye discomfort and helps ensure optimal healing in those crucial first few days.

Tip #2: Take Pain Relievers as Directed

After LASIK surgery, you may be given prescription pain medication or recommended certain over-the-counter pain relievers. Be sure to take these pain relievers as directed to help minimize any sensations of discomfort as they arise. Since pain tends to be mild, patients usually will not require much pain medication as they recover.

Tip #3: Wear Your LASIK Eye Shields

Patients will be given protective goggles to wear after LASIK. These will prevent the patient from accidentally rubbing his or her eyes after surgery and also avoid other kinds of accidental contact. The eye shields are usually worn all day for the first day and then only at night for the days that follow, though instructions may vary to some degree from patient to patient.

Tip #4: Carry Liquid Tears at All Times for Irritation

LASIK patients will experience dry eye attacks as they heal simply as a result of the surgery and how it is performed. It’s a great idea for patients to carry liquid tears with them at all times in order to address sudden attacks of dry eye as well as any irritation or itchiness that may be experienced during the healing process.

Tip #5: Wear Sunglasses and Hats When Outdoors

A LASIK patient’s eyes will be especially sensitive to light for the first few days. Whenever outdoors, patients should wear sunglasses or a hat with a brim. This will help reduce discomfort simply by keeping the harsh light away from the eyes.

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