LASIK Post-surgical Instructions

LASIK Post-surgical Instructions

August 16th, 2013

LASIK is a safe, effective vision correction treatment that can be performed in a matter of minutes. Though it is one of the least invasive surgical procedures performed today, patients should adhere to their surgeons’ post-operative instructions during the recovery period. It is especially important to follow these guidelines in the days immediately following LASIK surgery, when the eyes are most vulnerable to infection and other complications. In this blog post, Dr. Danny Lee provides patients with information about the LASIK recovery period.

The First Day and Night after Surgery

After patients undergo LASIK surgery at Dr. Lee’s eye care offices in Hunstville or Decatur, they will be fitted with protective eyewear and provided with eye drops to combat infection and inflammation. When patients leave the office, they should:

  • Have a friend or family member drive them home: Due to the calming medication that is dispensed to patients prior to LASIK and the immediate effects of the vision surgery, patients can’t drive themselves home after treatment.
  • Take a nap: Patients tend to experience the most discomfort in the first few hours after surgery, once the eye numbing drops wear off; the eye numbing medication typically wears off 30 to 90 minutes after treatment. Keeping the eyes closed reduces pain and allows the corneal flap to heal.
  • Continue to wear the protective eye mask: Patients should wear the protective goggles for the remainder of the day and overnight. The goggles will prevent patients from accidentally rubbing or scratching the eyes during this critical healing period. If the corneal flap is dislodged during this time, it could result in LASIK flap complications; in addition, touching the eyes could increase the risk of infection.
  • Administer eye drops: Patients should follow Dr. Lee’s instructions regarding the use of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops. Patients may also wish to apply lubricating eye drops to the eyes for increased comfort.

The Next Week

The morning after LASIK, patients may discontinue use of the protective eye mask. At this time, most patients report a dramatic improvement in vision and little pain. During the next week, patients should:

  • Continue to apply eye drops
  • Not touch or rub the eyes
  • Avoid exercise for the first three days after LASIK; after this time, patients can engage in exercise, activities, and non-contact sports that do not put the eyes at risk of injury
  • Avoid contact sports and swimming
  • Try to avoid watching TV or working on the computer for long periods of time, as this could strain the eyes

Long Term Eye Care

One week after LASIK surgery, most patients experience improved vision and few side effects. At this time, patients should:

  • Continue to use eye drops for as long as directed
  • Avoid contact sports and swimming for at least one month after surgery
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the eyes at all times, as this could increase the risk of an eye infection

When patients follow Dr. Lee’s post-surgical LASIK instructions, they are more likely to experience good results and less likely to experience complications. To schedule a LASIK consultation with Dr. Lee, contact his practice today.