5 Common Fears About LASIK

Most people are curious about LASIK surgery and love the idea of getting rid of their glasses or contacts. However, many patients will hold off on the surgery out of fear of the unknown. This is completely understandable as every surgery has some risk involved. However, LASIK is a very safe procedure and most patients […]

March 20, 2018

Safety Checklist: How to Avoid Workplace Eye Injuries

According to the Bureau and Labor Statistics, over 20,000 workplace eye injuries occur every year. These injuries range from something as minimal as eye strain to permanent trauma that causes long-term vision loss. The best way to protect your eyes at work is by using good workplace safety procedures. It’s been estimated that just wearing […]

January 12, 2018

Is LASIK Permanent?

LASIK is a life-changing experience and has been for millions of people worldwide. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of LASIK. One common misconception about LASIK is that you will need to have LASIK again. This is false. LASIK is a permanent solution for vision correction. Unless your vision changes because of […]

September 13, 2018

Signs You May be Ready for Cataract Surgery

Many of our patients who are living with cataracts struggle to know when the right time to have cataract surgery is. For some, just the thought of surgery can be frightening. However, if you are no longer able to manage cataract symptoms on your own, it may be time to consider cataract surgery. It’s an incredibly […]

April 20, 2018

7 Signs You’re an Excellent Candidate for LASIK

You’ve lived with the inconvenience of wearing glasses and contact lenses long enough, and the freedom that LASIK surgery offers has you seriously considering the procedure. You’ve heard conflicting reports of whether or not you’re eligible for LASIK, and don’t want to get your hopes up if you’re not a good candidate. So what is […]

May 3, 2018

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Cataract Surgeon

We know what a big decision choosing to have cataract surgery is. Anytime you are thinking about surgery it is normal to feel a fear of the unknown. Fortunately, cataract surgery is an incredibly safe and fast procedure. We want to make sure that you are as informed as possible going into the surgery. Here […]

August 15, 2017

Common LASIK Myths

You’ve been on the fence for a while about getting LASIK surgery. Sure, you want to see better, but you don’t know exactly what to expect. Once you stop believing some common LASIK myths, you will have a better idea of what to expect with the procedure and can better decide if LASIK is right […]

April 27, 2017

What to Expect After LASIK

You are sick and tired of using contacts or glasses to see, so you are considering LASIK. Before you commit to getting eye surgery, you want to know what to expect in the days following the procedure. Then, you’ll be ready to schedule your appointment and move forward with your surgery. Mild Discomfort You can […]

February 27, 2017

A Guide to Caring for Your Vision

It’s hard to underestimate how much you depend on your vision throughout your daily life. You use your eyes for everything — when you are driving, reading a book, playing with your children, and cooking dinner. But in spite of how important your eyes are, many people neglect their eyes and don’t take care of […]

October 16, 2017